Seeking Justice – Table of Contents

Preface: The 2010 Historical Context
Preface to the First Edition
About the authors

Seeking justice in health care 7
U.S. health care: chronic social injustice 8

Chapter 1: Faith-Inspired Values in U.S. Health Care
A new vision 9
“A Faith-Inspired Vision of Health Care” 10
What does faith require of us? 11
Public conscience work 13
Religion and democracy 14
Faith communities’ perspectives 15

Chapter 2: The Imperatives and Principles for U.S. Health Care
The moral imperative 17
The medical imperative 19
The economic imperative 21
Truth is witness to the whole 23
The principles for health care (Institute of Medicine) 24

Chapter 3: Transforming U.S. Health Care
An overview of health care reform in 2010 25
Legislative progress that may change how we think about health care 28
Challenges ahead 30
The history of health care reform in the U.S. 32
Why is health care reform so difficult? 34

Chapter 4: Delivering Value and Values in U.S. Health Care
Introduction: The access-cost-quality triad 37
The evolution of health care delivery 38
Increasing access to health care 39
Controlling the growth of costs 42
Improving quality 48

Chapter 5: Insuring U.S. Health Care 2010 and beyond
Historical overview 51
Chronology of the history of health insurance 52
The structure of U.S. health insurance 53
Employer-sponsored health care 54
Individual private insurance 57
Medicare 58
Medicaid 60
Health care for the uninsured 61

Chapter 6: Transforming our thinking about U.S. Health Care
Introduction 63
Who makes change? 64
What kinds of change? 64
Culture 65
Institutions 66
Laws 66
The three rings in health care politics 66
Making change – seeking justice – is a process 69

Glossary 71
Additional resources for information 73