Seeking Justice Guide

Seeking Justice in Health Care:
A Guide for Advocates in Faith Communities

Seeking Justice in Health Care is a 75-page resource to help people of faith move beyond political debate to  consider how moral values and principles of justice should inform our dialogue about health care reform.  This Guide was first created in 2004 – long before health care reform was back on our nation’s legislative agenda.  As the possibility for health care reform progressed, it was revised in 2009 to help people of faith engage in public discourse from a moral perspective.  A final edition was prepared following the passage of the Affordable Care Act to help communicate the ways in which that legislation became a first step in offering a system of health care that could include everyone and work well for all of us.

This Guide is now available only as a FREE download. Download your copy today!

Congregational Discussion Guide:  Also available is a congregational discussion guide to help people of faith reflect upon the information presented in Seeking Justice in Health Care.  Download your copy today!

(Please note:  The data and links have not been updated since the printing of either the SEEKING JUSTICE GUIDE or the Congregational Study Guide following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. However, the principles and analysis of a health system that includes everyone and works well for all of us remains remains relevant.)