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Prayers on Health and Healing

A selection of prayers from various faith traditions and sources

Prayer for Health and Healing

Rabbi David Weiss for the Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care

Heafenly Father:  There is little we take more for granted than our own good health.  It often takes the loss of that blessing to make us realize our ever so fragile being, our responsibility for maintaining our good health and the good health of others.  Carelessness in this pursuit is a recipe for personal disaster.

For many, insurance, public or personal means, makes access to health care easily available and the maintenance of one's good health and individual task.  For far too many others, however, even the most basic access is absent, and the right we all deserve to proper health is an unreachable dream.

May the future and our shared ideas of a more perfect world inspire each of us to commit ourselves to maintain our own good health and the health of those dear to us.  May we likewise commit our efforts towards a society within which all - rich and poor alike - have access to proper health care.

Finally, may we as a society have the foresight to devote adequate resources to those on the front lines of medical research, who seek the cure and prevention of illness and disease.  Amen.

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