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Photo & Poetry Exhibit

Exhibit:  A Matriot's Dream

A Matriot's Dream is an artistic response to the current health care crisis.  It consists of photographs, poems, narratives and statistics that portray in a very personal way what it means to go without needed health care in the U.S.  Developed by photographer Kira Carrillo Corser and poet Frances Payne Adler, the exhibit consists of 17 40" x 30" framed artworks.

MATRIOT:  (ma'-tri-at) noun 1:  One who loves his or her country.  2: One who loves and protects the people of his or her country.  3: One who perceives national defense as health, education, and shelter of all people in his or her country. (orig. FPA, 1991)

View the exhibit online

Host a viewing of the exhibit!  A Matriot's Dream is on permanent loan to the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) which is based in Cleveland, OH.  All inquiries about hosting the exhibit should be directed to UHCAN at 216-241-8422 x11 or 800-634-4442.  

Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ P.O. Box 6174 ~ Wilson, NC 27894-6174 ~ 1-888-863-8910