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Other dialogue resources

Please let us know about other Dialogue Resources that should be included.  


Our Healthcare Future

ourhealthcarefuture.gifThe Healthcare Reform Center of the St. Joseph Health System, in partnership with Georgetown University and NETWORK: A Catholic Social Justice Lobby, has developed a process in which persons are encouraged to "dialogue" about what they want a health care system in the United States to look like.  Entitled Our Healthcare Future, it's a perfect resource to open the door for congregations that want to work on the health care issue, but feel they must first overcome their anxiety about dealing with something that might be "controversial."



CodeBlueNow! has developed an Opinionnaire® to help people in small groups and across the country reflect upon what they want U.S. health care to look like.  The Opinionnaire® tool is designed to "find common ground and build consensus on values and solutions."  Although this is not a faith-based project, CodeBlueNow! is hoping that many voices of faith will be heard among the numerous responses to their nation-wide survey.


Faithful Reform in Health Care ~ P.O. Box 6174 ~ Wilson, NC 27894-6174 ~ 1-888-863-8910